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2014 WALK, RUN & RIDE FOR AUTISM October 12, 2014 Holtsville Ecology Park Sponsorship Opportunities
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The Heatherwood @ Norwich
(Oyster Bay) project is coming to an end. Photos coming soon..

Heatherwood @ Tall Oaks Photos will be coming soon...

Vineyards at Moriches

New Commercial Projects

Siding 101 by Bohemia's Siding Experts

Siding is an outer covering of a house or building either residential or commercial that is meant to shed water and protect from all kinds of weather. Siding used in residential housing may be a key element in beautifying a home and increasing its property value.

Siding comes in various forms of horizontal boards or vertical boards, shingles, or sheet materials made out of wood, metal, vinyl (plastic), or fiber cement (composite materials). Siding boards are installed by overlapping, covering or sealing joints, or interlocking joints will help avoid wind and rain infiltration to the building or house.

Fiber Cement Siding is a siding composed of composite material made out of sand, cement and cellulose fibers. Mostly consisting of overlapping horizontal boards. Some of the popular manufacturers for which Hansen Home Designs is the preferred installation contractor is James Hardie. Some of James Hardie's product lines are Hardie Plank®, Hardie Shingle®, Hardie Panel®, Hardie Trim®, and the Artisan® line.

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